• Auto Insurance in Jerseyville IL

    Auto Insurance is broken down into many different parts. It covers your liability and financial responsibility as well as reimbursement if something were to happen to your vehicle. But it doesn’t stop there! Depending on the vehicle, auto insurance can look very different from person to person. At Elliot Insurance Agency, we will find the right coverage at the right cost.

  • Car & Truck Insurance Plans

  • Basic car and truck insurance are typically standard across the board. When you sit down with our staff, we will discuss how to utilize your deductible in relationship to potential damage costs. We will also speak with you about different options of collision coverage that is mandated through your bank. Either way, making sure your car is insured and that you’re safe on and off the road is a must. Call our office to schedule an appointment!

  • Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

  • Motorcycle insurance is set in place to make sure that although you’re having fun, that you’re still covered. Motorcycle insurance is a way of dividing the risks between your insurance provider and you. You pay a set premium, and we will then take care of specific financial losses that might occur.

    Motorcycle insurance is there for people to rely on in case of an accident. By speaking with our office, you can rest assured that you are taken care of and that you and your motorcycle are covered on and off the road. Call our office to speak with a member of our staff and go over our motorcycle insurance policy.

  • Boats & Personal Watercraft Insurance

  • Our boat and watercraft insurance coverage applies to small boats, yachts, high-performance speed boats, pontoons, and more! This type of coverage is intended to protect those for personal recreation and commercial use. Our boat policies cover damage to your boat, motor, trailer, personal belongings, etc. It can also include liability, medical payments, personal injury, and general damaging. Speak to our office about your boat or personal watercraft situation and we will find the best coverage plan for you!

  • ATV/UTV & Golf Cart Coverage

  • With growing popularity, ATVs now come in various models and insurance plans. We offer different set of rules when providing coverage specific to your ATV. It is like our motorcycle insurance plans however it is individually customized based on the wheels and other specifics. To learn more about our ATV coverage plans contact our office.

  • RV’s & Camper Insurance Plans

  • It’s important that if you own a motor home that you have the right insurance policy and coverage. You are required by law to have insurance on your motor home prior to purchasing. That’s why we offer custom insurance policies for you to explore.

    It is important to us that you have a plan that considers your recreational value. Regardless, it is important that you have your property covered. Call our office to evaluate your different policy options.

  • Classic & Antique Car Insurance

    There are different forms of coverage when it comes to collectors’ cost and regular use policies. Classic car insurance is specific and typically at a low cost. Meanwhile, your regular use auto insurance you pay higher premiums.

  • Cars that are considered antique vehicles include the following

    • Cars ranging from 15-20 years old.
    • Exotic Cars – Old & New
    • Muscle Vehicles
    • Sports Cars
    • Rare Vehicles
    • Highly Desirable
  • All these factors can determine whether your vehicle is eligible for classic car insurance opposed to standard auto insurance. Contact our office to speak with a member of our team if your car falls into any of the above categories.

  • SR22’s

    SR22 insurance coverage protects you when you have fallen responsible for a driving accident. It is designed to better protect others on the road.

  • SR22 insurance coverage and certification is required in these situations

    • DUI’s
    • Moving Violations
    • At-Fault Accidents without Insurance
    • Repeated Traffic Offenses
    • Revoked License
  • Once in court, if you are told that a SR22 certificate is needed, contact our office right away so we can get you the coverage that you need.