• Business Insurance Coverage

    As a business owner, you know that there are a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. That is why it is important to make sure that your property, and employees are insured. This not only protects your business from accidental damage but can protect your overall assets.

  • Commercial Property

  • Commercial property insurance not only covers the physical building, but the contents that belong to the business inside of it. That can include property items such as desks, computers, and can also contain important documents, valuable contracts, and money. Under the right coverage, your building should be protected and covered if anything were to happen.

  • Commercial Liability

  • It’s nearly impossible for a business to work without general insurance coverage. Having general liability in place can protect your businesses employees and can be your safety net if someone sues your company or have sustained injuries while on your property. To learn more about commercial liability coverage, call our office in Jerseyville, Illinois!

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

  • Making sure that you have worker’s compensation insurance protects employers from claims that may result in injuries. It acts as a first line of defense if you were to be involved in a workers’ compensation lawsuit. If you are needing to set a workers’ compensation policy for your business, contact our office and we can identify the best option for you!